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I'm at day 3 and I can't tell you how many people...

I'm at day 3 and I can't tell you how many people have said "oh you wasted your money that isn't going to work". I was really starting to second guess myself! I only have 12 upper and 7 lower so they weren't too bad but enough to make me smile with my mouth closed. My dentist didn't warn me about these buttons. I have 3- max. left lateral incisor, max. right lateral incisor, and max right canine. I imagine they would be a lot easier to remove without them. On the up-side they're one heck of a diet aid! I haven't been able to sit around snacking while I stress about my husband over seas. Does anyone have any ideas how to round the edges or something? Thanks!
My tooth broke in half after 8 months and my dentist will not do anything for me I hope Invisalgn rep reads this and contact me for corection I do t recommend Invisalign if your teet are crooked
Hi ,i had my first set inserted yesterday felt great,no one noticed i had them in.Come the time to take them out it took over 2 hours it was so difficult,but today only ten minuits has anyone got any tips to remove these without getting pain.I only take them out twice a day and stuff like a pig,as i am a person to pick al;l day i cant be bothered taking them out all the time so i have a hour gap in the morning and a hour and a half in the evening.Is there a certain time you have to wear these in any day,the way i think is i paid 2500 for them i want to keep them in as long as possible,any tips greatly appreciated on the pain side.lia x
You have to wear them at least 22 hours a day. That's what it says on my little container where I store my invisialign.
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