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I'm at day 3 and I can't tell you how many people...

I'm at day 3 and I can't tell you how many people have said "oh you wasted your money that isn't going to work". I was really starting to second guess myself! I only have 12 upper and 7 lower so they weren't too bad but enough to make me smile with my mouth closed. My dentist didn't warn me about these buttons. I have 3- max. left lateral incisor, max. right lateral incisor, and max right canine. I imagine they would be a lot easier to remove without them. On the up-side they're one heck of a diet aid! I haven't been able to sit around snacking while I stress about my husband over seas. Does anyone have any ideas how to round the edges or something? Thanks!
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Hi ,i had my first set inserted yesterday felt great,no one noticed i had them in.Come the time to take them out it took over 2 hours it was so difficult,but today only ten minuits has anyone got any tips to remove these without getting pain.I only take them out twice a day and stuff like a pig,as i am a person to pick al;l day i cant be bothered taking them out all the time so i have a hour gap in the morning and a hour and a half in the evening.Is there a certain time you have to wear these in any day,the way i think is i paid 2500 for them i want to keep them in as long as possible,any tips greatly appreciated on the pain side.lia x
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You have to wear them at least 22 hours a day. That's what it says on my little container where I store my invisialign.
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Don't fret! You are going to LOVE your invisalign results!! My husband is a dentist who does several cases a month and our patients are extremely happy with the results and have very few complaints of discomfort during treatment. The main complaint is the one you are having... sometimes the edges of the trays are a bit sharp. Simply take some ultra-fine sandpaper or the finest side of a nail file and gently smooth the edge. Also... I have a tip from my personal experience (I'm on my 17th tray.) If you change to a new tray set just after dinner and don't take them out until the next morning you will move into the comfort phase right away. (otherwise it will take 2-3 days for a new tray set to feel comfortable) Think about it this way... If you change to a new tray set in the morning and then take them out several times within the first 12 hours your teeth tend to move right back into their old position, thus shifting back & forth several times that first day causing soreness. Hope this helps! I love my invisalign!!
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I've heard so many people say to change towards the end of the night from one tray to a new tray and I will def do that when I have to change to my 2nd set of 15 in two weeks. I also had a problem with the scratching on my tongue but after 3 days it went away which I was soo happy about. The only problem I'm having is I can't close my mouth all the way. Have you ever heard of this before? Is it because I have a small mouth or are the aligners too big?
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