Good Results, but Expensive

I finished invisalign about 2 years ago. My teeth...

I finished invisalign about 2 years ago. My teeth are near perfect. I still have to wear the aligners at night or they will go back to the way they were. The pain was minimal, a little sore when you start a new set. I am happy with the results, but think I could have found a better price. My daughter just started them with the same orthodontist I used and is charging $6700 for her. Shop around because all the orthodontist basically does is take the mold of your teeth and send it to invisalign and they make the aligners and send it back to the ortho.
I am wearing my 5 th set of invisalign. I hope my teeth would be perfect by the time I finish the treatment. The whole operation costs me $ 5500. I remain optimistic.
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