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Invisalign was the only option I wanted to...

Invisalign was the only option I wanted to considered for orthodontics. However, the first orthodontist I went to tried to convince me I needed metal braces and she was going to charge me $7000 for them. I ran away from her. Now, I've found an excellent orthodontist, who is super nice and walked me through my options. He was also understanding of my need for a payment plan as I'm only 24 and insurance doesn't cover cosmetic dental procedures. I've had them on for two weeks now and they have worked fine. I think I'm going to try cleaning them more often during the day because I fear bad breath. I'm not a big fan of the filing or the buttons and currently I have spacers between my teeth to make space for a filing on Friday and it's painful. However, I think I can stick with it and am glad to have found a nice discussion forum to talk about all this! Thanks!
I never wore braces when I was younger but about 10 years ago my overbite started getting worse. I was for all intents and purposes eating with the roof of my mouth and it was always traumatized. So, at 59 I decided to try Invisaligns as I didn't want to wear braces. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I could tell a difference in my teeth after the first month and it only gets better. There was some pain with each tray for the first two days but it went away. I did have to trim and file the first set of trays quite a bit due to the rubber bands causing the cuts to rub against my gums so the pain was manageable. I do have buttons on my teeth to hold them on and I have been wearing rubber bands since the first two months. I am on No. 23 of 31 trays so I will be finished in a few months. I've found that they aren't too hard to pop out to eat and they no longer hurt at all. I am thrilled that Invisaligns were invented. $6000 is a lot to pay but it was worth it.
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