Invisalign Blends into Your Life!

Invisalign was SUPER AWESOME to get because it was...

Invisalign was SUPER AWESOME to get because it was kindof a popular thing at my school. At first, it was INSANELY painful trying to take them off, but once I learned how to, there was like, no pain. If you JUST got invisalign & don't know how to take it off, watch the first video below and that will TOTALLY help you!


Hey Lizzie!
Your videos are so entertaining :-)

I was wondering which orthodontist you used. I'm in the DC area and would love to know who you used.

Thanks so much!
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Love the videos Lizzie!!

Good advice about sticking with it. I think a lot of people think the entire treatment will be like the first week, and they want to give up. Your teeth are looking good & I can't wait to see when you are all done!

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