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When I first started treatment with the invisalign...

When I first started treatment with the invisalign it was going really well. I had to have a total of 19 trays top and bottom. I got up to the 16th tray without a problem. then I got pregnant. I experienced uncontrollable gagging with them and had to stop wearing them in august 2007 but still paying for them. Well, its now April 2008 and I decided to start treatment again. I saved all my trays so that wasnt a big deal but I have to start over at tray 8! This sucks so bad. But overall if I would have just stuck with it I probably would have done quite well.
Dr. Gil McAdams

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thank goodness that I have found this site- I am on my second set to correct a jay leno like space between my two front teeth- slight overcrowding on bottoms but otherwise straight. Even though my ortho. is a great guy, I am finding that I get more info from this website than from him. Even though my set is made to wear with "buttons"- he has never told me about them, and I am wearing my invisalign for 3 weeks at a time, not two. He hasnt told me how many sets I will need, or shown me a computer idea of how it will look after treatment. The good news is there is very little pain and I find them pretty conveinent- although for some reason I have a tendancy to cough alot since wearing them. Is there anyone out there in the same boat as me? I am just hoping that they will work.
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Hi Stacy, Thank you for sharing your experience! Did they say it was common to have the gagging reflex like that when you get pregnant?.. Do you know of any other problems that the Invisaligh + pregnancy combination might have?.. Thanks!
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