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Looks Like I Got in Fight with a Curly Iron and Lost! - Inland Empire, CA

I just had LimeLight IPL 2 days ago and my face...

I just had LimeLight IPL 2 days ago and my face looks like I laid down on a hot grill. My friends told me I look like I got in a fight. Please tell me is this normal and how long this will last.

Its been exactly one week since I got the procedure done,My face looks completly normal now- I must have been extreamly paranoid since it was my first time. I am very happy with the results- just wish the DR would have better prepared me for the next day.

Hi Phillip,

I'm assuming you're face is probably feeling better now, because based on the community it seems it takes about a week to 10 days to heal fully, but a few days to stop looking like you slept on a grill. ;) Please let us know. 



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