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I had a mixto laser procedure 2 months ago that...

I had a mixto laser procedure 2 months ago that left my skin gritty, oily & covered in bumps & pustules. I was unhappy & my Dr's "hush up" solution was micro. HUGE MISTAKE! Not only did it exacerbate oil production, but it made my pores look like gaping holes in some places & I broke out in horrible cystic acne all over--which I never had in my life! I'm now on antibiotics and Spirolactane to help correct this plague on my face but the waiting game is long & torturous. NOT WORTH ANYTHING!


Did the "gaping holes" go away? I just got micro dermabrasion done 7 days ago, and the girl plucked out some black heads, she used some metal tweezers? So on the center of my cheek, she left 2 big gaping holes, u can see them clearly from a far distance, it's horrible, will they go away?
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Thanks Megan. I think I read that you went through the same thing too. Isn't it such a buzzkill? I get light acne now and again but it's usually get a bump or two on occasion. My skin was on the oily side, and after a laser procedure exacerbated my oil production--I was getting more breakouts than usual. The Esthetician kept telling me that exfoliation would help my new broken out skin but it actually made it SO MUCH WORSE so that now I break out all over.
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I'm so sorry to hear what a bad reaction you had to the Microderm.  I know you mentioned you haven't previously dealt with cystic acne, had you dealt with other forms of acne or was it not even a problem at all for you before?

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