Turning 25 in July! BA Would Be the Best Present! But Still a Little Unsure! - Inland Empire, CA

Hello!! I been on this website for quite a while...

Hello!! I been on this website for quite a while now I LOVE IT! I finally decided to share my story! I'll be 25 this July! I'm a mother two 5yr old and 1 yr old. Before my pregancies I was a small B. After having my son I went to a C which I loved =) after a few months of finishing breastfeeding my boobs went back to a B they looked ok. I wasn't unhappy with the change. Now with my daughter the change had been very different. U breastfed more time with my son and the results have been very different. My left breast is now a small C and my right went back to how I had them before I had kids, a small C. I feel 100% I want this procedure done, I'm just worried, I'm sure like everyone else that has gone or is going through with the procedure. I'm afraid of any complications. Im afraid I won't be able to do certain activities with my kids...I'm scared I might choose the wrong size, I would love to be a C. A couple girlfriends of mine have gotten BA said they would be a C and are in the Ds sections. That's something I dnt want. I'm 5'1 120lbs. I've thought about it and if I do go ahead with it I would go with Saline, I just hope I have enough breast tissue. Just so much in my head... I found the PS I want to go to. I have to pay for my consultation, I haven't had the courage to call and make an apt, bcuz of these uncertainties! :( my husband supports me all the way but he also has so many questions and concerns. Confused!

I meant to say my breast are now (right) small C ...

I meant to say my breast are now (right) small C (left) small B.
I hope you call so you can talk to the dr . How big do you want to be ? I'm do happy i did it .

I would say to definitely call and schedule that consultation. Talking to a plastic surgeon or two or three would really help answer your questions and figure out if you want to do this or not. Make sure you ask your doctor if they waive the consultation fee if you mention RealSelf.com (many doctors will).

Thank you, I will definitely call and ask! :)
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