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3 weeks ago, I had several procedures done 3 weeks...

3 weeks ago, I had several procedures done 3 weeks ago in lieu of major procedures. Neck lipo/suture tightening, 'feather" type lift but with mutiple intradermal sutures(great results for jowls and sagging mouth corners!)and Radisesse to fill in marionette areas, and lip filler with Juvederm. I also had Botox, a canthopexy for the corners of my eyes as as I was getting what is referred to as "round eye" (prior blepharoplasty in 1989) and my friend also injected Radiesse in the developing pockets between my infraorbital ridge and zygomatic arch. (I am of Danish descent with a very angular face and have very promonent supra and infraorbital ridges as well as zygomas. All went beautifully except the Radiesse in the lower lid/infraorbital ridge interface. I have a puffy line (uninterrupted/not "knotty") under the left-I realize that the tissue is thin and may remain swollen for a while post-injection; however, I would like to know from you all with experience with injection in this area about the longevity of the inital material/the time it took to settle down, or if someone has had success correcting this. My cosmetic dermatologist is very caring and particular (he has performed 100+ of these multiple but less invasive procedures and is working up a sutdy for publication) and my overall results are great but this area now stands out prominently as now the lower lids are asymetrical. Thanks.

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I had radiesse injected in my face and it turned out great. No problems whatsoever. I think you need to know who you're going to for these procedures. They need to have some experience and creative abilities to be good at these procedures. Do your homework and know they have proper training. A physician should also be under their direction. Hope this is somewhat helpful. My treatment is absolutely natural looking and it would be unlikely anyone would know why I looked improved. It is all very subtle and just makes me look fresher and more youthful looking (
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