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NO Initial Results from 1.6 Cc's Artefill in Nasal and Marionette Lines - Did my Treatment Fail? - Tucson, AZ

I had two vials injected 11 days ago. Immediately...

I had two vials injected 11 days ago. Immediately after, I thought I saw some improvement, even though not optimal. But since the swelling and bruising have subsided, my lines look exactly the same as before. While I expected improvement over time, I also thought there would be at least some initial observable results. Is this normal? Has anyone else had Artefill injected with no results at all? I am most frustrated.


Yes I spent $700.00 on one injection for acne scars. I saw results, scars were filling in and almost flush with the skin around them and i was so excited and they wanted me to come back for more in 30 days. I couldn't afford it just then so now its been only 3 months. All the results I got disappeared. Scars sunk back in like I had never got it done so I'm out $700.00 with nothing to show for it! Glad I didn't break the bank on more!
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I have had NO visible results after FOUR syringes...

I have had NO visible results after FOUR syringes of Artefill - two in April '10, two in August '10 - done by different operators in different offices, to rule out injector error. I must be one of those rare people whose body just doesn't make new collagen to replace the temporary cow collagen in the Artefill. Since I can't afford the constant upkeep of temporary fillers, I was counting on Artefill to solve my problem semi-permanently. What a bitter and expensive disappointment.


I just had two syringes done on September 10, 2011. I had already seen the results from My sister so I knew that I was going to one of the best trained Artefill practiioners in our area. I had the crease in-betwwen my eyebrows done and under each eye. I just turned 50, and its been two days now. Thre is a complete change between my eyebrows and my eyes are pretty bruised and swollen but I cna already see that it was 100% successful. I have another syringe 'banked' for the surgeon to do inside my upper lip. AWESOME!! But get great recommendations. Not everyone who handles fillers caN DO THIS
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That's fair if it was different people. Everybody is different, sorry for your bad luck and wasted money
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ginny also in tucson please say where so I can avoid.. thx
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Four syringes in two sessions over a four-month period, and Z-E-R-O improvement even five months after the last injections.

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