Browpexy and Eyebags Removal (Not Browlift from the Forehead) - Indonesia

At first, I actually went for the eye bags...

At first, I actually went for the eye bags surgery, but thought might as well get the browpexy done at the same time. Results so far so good. My concerns are the scars from the incisions. It has been 18 days post-op. My PS is good and she stated that she is not the 'lazy' type. I never bruised at all because she kept wiping the blood as she did the job. I experienced swelling but until today, I keep using cold compress (ice pack).
I think you look great so far.  Is your doctor having you apply anything to the scars to help them fade?
yes, dermatix ultra.. but i don't know.. i don't see any significant changes yet on the scars.. :( .. i think i'll try elicina snail cream..

2 months and 22 days later

My scars eventually smoothened.. :)

2 months and 22 days later, update pics.

The last two pictures were kind of blur.
Why are the scars still red?? :(
I would talk to your doctor about the scars- they may be able to laser them.  
hi, i think that is the only option to do.. :'( -- thank you.. i read about dermabrasion, but not so promising as i read along.. sigh..
Some scars can take over a year to fade so don't give up on the scar treatments you are currently doing.  You might want to check out our scar removal community and scar treatment community and see what you can find out.  Good luck :)

My PS prescribed Dermatix Ultra for the scars, not using it as much yet. As said, she kept wiping away the blood so I never bruised at all. I think I still have a long way to go to see the under eyes stop swelling. Both upper and lower still sore to the touch.

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