Indisputable Fact: Laser NOT Permanent

I was very eager to do laser hair removal and...

I was very eager to do laser hair removal and began researching online all of the benefits. Unfortunately, in my eagerness, I focused on benefits, 'good' side effects, where to go, what laser to request - I did not pay enough attention to people reporting long-term effects: the hair grows back.

I spent a lot of dough on my armpits & bikini - I even talked it up to my friends, encouraged skeptical friends to try it... only to have ALL of the hair return within a year.

I felt pretty dumb when I read all the fine print that stated very clearly that Laser Hair removal is not permanent. I think they used the words "permanent reduction" but that's not even true.

Since then, I have gone to electrolysis -- the ONLY method of hair removal that can claim it is permanent -- and after two years I'm hairless on my legs, armpits & bikini. It's way more time-consuming and painful than laser, but it actually works.

When laser came along, everybody was predicting the end of electrolysis. Now, like you, everybody is running back to electrolysis to remove the hair that grew back after laser (which is NOT permanent.) Some people even ended up with MORE hair after starting laser, because it stimulated growth. Yuck!
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