Waste of Money and Time - No Change (133-137lb at 5'2")

During my interview process I expressed many times...

During my interview process I expressed many times what I wanted and expected. Was repeatedly told "no problem." I am not obese, weighed 133-137 at 5'2" during the entire velashape treatment.

After the first visit, I questioned the fact that I saw no change. I questioned this with each visit and got the same response, "for some people it takes longer to see results." During the last visit I was finally told, "it does not work for everyone."

This was a complete waste of my money.

ohh ... disappointment indeed
I had Vella shape done and it really worked for me. My instructions where to drink plenty of water after the treatments and because RF uses the negative and positive poles of the water in your TISSUES as a conductor, it is a must to drink water all the time. (drinking water right before you go to your apointment does not count, the water is in your tummy not your tissues)exercising and eating healthy is also a must. Vella was an option over surgery for me, I did take before and after photos...and I am very happy with the results, that where told to me in the consult would happen after 6 treatments 1 week apart, and then every 3-6 months for maintance. It is very affordable as I live in Canada and we have a Socialized Medicine and we are educated in taking care of our health and things like this are considered a good thing.

Hi Made, 

I'm glad your instructor told you what to do after your procedure. The community often mentions that they don't know what do to after their procedures. It would be awesome if you could post a review about your experience to help the community. You can post a review here. 



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It does not matter how specific or how often you state what you want to obtain from the procedure or how many times the "sales rep/"consultant"" tells you you are a good candidate, do not believe this.

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