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Full Face Thermage - I Saw No Results - Not Worth It!

I had the full face Thermage treatment 10 months...

I had the full face Thermage treatment 10 months ago. (I was 44 then.) They explained that I probably wouldn't see results until 3-6 months later. Well, I'm still waiting! I know that the aging process continues, but I think I look worse. Plus, it really hurt! It's like someone poking your face with hot needles for an hour.

I would not waste the money if I had it to do all over again.


Thermage is not for everyone. those with heavy skin, thick neck, over near ideal body weight are individuals who might have less than ideal results. Compromising the pulses given results in poor results. From experience we know that up to 25% can be nonresponders. Thermage is not to replace the gold standard of a facelift. It serves best to freshen the sagging face of a person or maintain the neckline of a person undergoing the initial effects of aging. As a provider the option of a facelift is given. To those persons who meet specific criteria and who don't choose or are not candidates for facelift, Thermage is great!
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I had this procedure performed at the spa connected to my plastic surgeon's office. They encouraged me to get Thermage, but there was no follow up. (Probably because they know it doesn't work)

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