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Wow where to start. My earliest memory of buying a...

Wow where to start. My earliest memory of buying a bra was when I was in the 6th grade and my bra size at that time was a 32D. I was known as the girl with "the big knockers" and I hated it. Now at age 57 and size 36DDD I am finally going to have breasts more in porportion to my frame. I just discovered this web site yesterday and my surgery is tomorrow! Yikes wish I would have come across this a lot earlier. I have gleaned a lot of information from this site already and am hoping to be able to give and receive support as I go through this process as so many of you have already done and are preparing to do. I bought yet more bras today because I have absolutely no idea what is going to fit - post procedure. My PS and I have agreed I should end up being a small "C" cup, something I can't ever remember being! I'm so excited and yet as the time gets closer and closer I am getting nervous. Seeing the immediate post op pics that have been posted have given me a slight pause, however I need to keep my eyes looking at the bigger picture. Finally being able to wear shirts that button,or a swim suit that doesn't look like I have my own personal flotation device hidden in my suit! I have taken 2 weeks off from work does that sound reasonable to you that have already gone through this? Any advice/support will be most appreciated!! Let's do this!!! Will try and post pics later


I also want to mention that it is very helpful to read others reviews on here. As we have so many questions about what is normal it is great knowing we are not alone. Hopefully my pictures and review will inspire you. I will be 7 weeks post-op tomorrow. It seems like yesterday, and it has been a wonderful life changing experience. :)
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Congrats on your surgery!!! I am so very excited for you and look forward to seeing your updates. I took off 2 weeks and I was still sore but did well at work. I was not as tired as I thought. I did leave early most days, but could have made it 8 hours if I had to. I do have a desk job, so if you have a job that is more physically demanding it may be better to take more time off work. Hope your recovery goes well and happy healing!
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Thanks for the information!! I have a desk job as well. I work in IT so I do have the ability to work from home. I am sore this morning but am very pleased with my level of discomfort. Looking forward to going him this morning. Are you naturally a back sleeper? I'm a side sleeper and am wondering how long it is before I can sleep on my side.

Before and after pics


I am not naturally a back sleeper. I like sleeping on my side. But until this week have I been able to sleep on my sides without waking up with some discomfort. It helps if you sleep with a pillow under your legs and then pillows underneath your arms on each side. Good luck!
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