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Hey. I am 18 & live in Indiana. I am 5"10 and...

Hey. I am 18 & live in Indiana. I am 5"10 and weigh 216. All my weight goes to my thighs, butt & unfortunately stomach. I have always been wanting that huge. Black stripper butt. & I mean a massive , nicki minaj booty ! I love my butt now but I just want a HUGE butt. I just have a big butt. Iam conflicted with which doctor I should see. Whatever doctor is gonna giv me that "ass". Ive been seeing a lot of popularity with dr Yily & Jimmerson.

Could anybody PLEASE help me out on a doctor?


If you go to Jimerson your probably gonna have to wait to 2015 , a couple bbl sisters said that's the earliest they can get a date .
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Oh no. I want mind next late spring
for better results you need to drop 30-35 lbs, Yily will not give you huge dunk
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Kinda wide hips. Best booty pic I have.


She isn't rlly good at giving big butts at all. Nd if u have a larger frame like wider hips nd butt I cn tell u the most ull prob get is 2 inches. Pick Duran or Cabral if u want like 5 inches on ur booty

Help x2

Who can give me the biggest butt? I really need recommendations! !!


are you going to have TT as well?
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Thanks I will look into them !
she is good at TT making small waist and nice hip ratio but I heart that she does not do big booties. You may ask her to give you as much but as she can. Good luck!
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