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4 csections, an ugly stomach that never gets flat....

4 csections, an ugly stomach that never gets flat. lots of loose skin. I got divorced and watched my ex remarry a girl size 0 14 yrs younger. I DESERVE IT!

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

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Ok...this helps! Thanks so much for the feedback. As I think I was driving myself nuts!
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Thanks! I'm getting nervous. Found out my fmla was denied yesterday. Not so good news. But still headed in the right direction.
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Chellynn...any updates? How did Dr. Statton do? I am scheduled with him in Oct....so scared..for not much info on him at all....am I making the right decision? He told me FMLA would not cover it...so my hopes were crushed but early in the process....
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I've met a couple of his patients going in for a consult...one flying in from Richmond the other local. The local lady had a friend who had her breast done by him and she was really excited to have him do hers. The other lady had her hubby with her, and he was very pleased with Dr. Slatton.

I've also checked his Health Grades, his standing with the boards, and the usual malpractice type stuff. He was thorough, seems to have an artist view of the body in addition to the surgical skills. I go in a week from tomorrow.

I've interviewed 2 docs both highly recommended and I just didn't like their aesthetic for my body. I feel very comfortable with him. At this point I will pray for GOD's blessing.

Check out my profile for more.
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PS I also kinda knew what type of tuck would suit my body so at that point it was easy to eliminate a lot of ps.
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Girl, you deserve it!! Go for it!  You will be so happy.  I am 1 year post op, had the saggy skin & now am so happy!  Keep us updated on your recovery & we are here for any questions & for support!
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