Before and After Pics -Indianapolis, IN

Though the recuperation is more than what i...

Though the recuperation is more than what i thought and was led to believe, I do not regret having theTT and BA. I'm looking forward to being all well though. Big advice: research about the procedure and recuperation well; take about 5 weeks off work; have supportive people around you; and stay positive. There will be emotionally difficult days. But the mirror will be your best friend.

Hi, I was wondering who your Dr was? I live outside the Indianapolis area and have been looking for a doctor. Any info or thoughts you have would be great. Thanks :)

Thanks for sharing your photos and experience on RealSelf! What supplies helped you most during recovery?

I was hoping to only take 4 weeks off! Did you get to take the 5 weeks off you suggest and is your job physical?
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