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Before and After Pics -Indianapolis, IN

Though the recuperation is more than what i...

Though the recuperation is more than what i thought and was led to believe, I do not regret having theTT and BA. I'm looking forward to being all well though. Big advice: research about the procedure and recuperation well; take about 5 weeks off work; have supportive people around you; and stay positive. There will be emotionally difficult days. But the mirror will be your best friend.

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Hi, I was wondering who your Dr was? I live outside the Indianapolis area and have been looking for a doctor. Any info or thoughts you have would be great. Thanks :)
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Thanks for sharing your photos and experience on RealSelf! What supplies helped you most during recovery?

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I was hoping to only take 4 weeks off! Did you get to take the 5 weeks off you suggest and is your job physical?
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Hi Bxrmam - i took 4 weeks off. I am really suggesting 5 weeks because whe I went back to work on the 5th week, it was really hard to sit at my desk and do my desk work. Fatigue would also set in, and the back was really taking a toll. If you have the luxury and job situation that will allow you 5 weeks off, I say take it. I am a marketing manager. I am usually desk bound or in meetings at conference rooms when I am not traveling to meet customers, sales and vendors. I am going on my first business trip next week (5 weeks PO) and just know that the plane ride is not going to be easy and comfortable. There's also the task of carrying and pulling that roll-away luggage and laptop case. :( I know this would all be better for me if this happened say on the 7th week PO. Theres also the recurring and prevalent swelling
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