Almost Finished with Treatments - Indianapolis, IN

I have had 3-4 treatments on 4 different areas -...

I have had 3-4 treatments on 4 different areas - inner thigh, abdomen, flanks, and butt. I am in Indianapolis. I have paid $6400.00 for 4 areas. I am having this done at a Plastic surgeons office but the treatments are being done by an anesthetician. (not sure how to spell that word). I have only seen a very slight improvement so far. I have lost about an inch maybe. BUT the skin already looks much smoother and I know you're not supposed to see those results for about 3 months and I know it will even look better. A little disappointed in the inches though. Am I expecting too much so soon?

How did it turn out???
Hi Kristy. I had another treatment last night. We do 2 areas per session. I have 2 more appts to go. (1 on inner thighs, 1 on butt, 2 on abdomen.
Reply now you're probably done with your treatments. I was told by my anesthetician that Exilis works best on the face/neck/jowl and stomach & love handles. There is a difference in the legs, butt and arms but was told the results are minimun in those areas. Are you happy with the results? May do my stomach next (after I save up for it, of course).
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