38 Year Old Female Mouth -breather with a Weak Chin and Jaw - Indianapolis, IN

I had a chin implant 9 years ago, and, while that...

I had a chin implant 9 years ago, and, while that improved my profile, I feel that it did not provide me with enough chin projection or jaw definition, and (obviously) did not help with my mentalis strain, lip incompetence, or mouth-breathing; Therefore I am looking into orthognathic surgery, and, in my process, contacted Dr. Eppley.
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! So, have you scheduled surgery with Dr. Eppley?
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In searching for a local doctor to perform orthognathic surgery on me, I emailed Dr. Eppley to request a referral. He responded immediately--and that was on a Saturday! He and I continued to email over the weekend, as he inquired more about my specific case. Throughout our exchanges, he was prompt, courteous, and generous with both his time and advice. If I lived in Indiana, I would certainly schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Eppley.

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