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I have always had asymmetrical breasts, even since...

I have always had asymmetrical breasts, even since puberty. Having 3 children and breast feeding only made matters worse. I had a 2-3 cup size difference. My right was too large and left too small. On 12-5-2012 I had corrective surgery to reduce/lift my right breast and lift/augment my left breast. I was very nervous as I have never had surgery before.

My surgery lasted around 4 hours and recovery time was around 3 but with anesthesia it felt like 1 hr to me :) The results were immediate. Lying in recovery the doctor came back and I heard him say "it already looks better," without a bra on! I've never been able to go without a bra and padding on my left side. It's amazing now, I can go without a bra!!! I feel so much more confident. They are not symmetrical and probably never will be, but they are leaps and bounds better then they ever have been. I went from old woman boobs to being in my 20s again!

My only issues with surgery was post op I was very nauseous. I am very sensitive to any kind of medicine and when taking the nausea meds, I would just throw them up as well. I went almost 12 hours before I could hold anything down-which means no pain meds. Once I stopped vomiting, I was just very tired. I slept for almost 3 days solid. Any small movement caused pain and discomfort. The third day of pain medicine I started itching very badly. Apparently this was related to taking the pain medicine. So I stopped taking them, and relied on just ibprofen. That was a mistake-pain got to be unbearable. I had to start taking pain meds again, just half at a time. So once that was under control things were going great. My nipple sensation is still not returned. My left nipple is hypersensitive and my right is numb. I can feel sensation all around on my breast but once you touch the areola or nipple, sensation is gone. I'm hoping this will change with time. I am very glad I had this procedure done. Even though things aren't perfect I would take the way they are now over the way the were any day.


You look great! How long did the major pain last? I am going out of state to have mine done!
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your doctor did a good job, you healed nicely!
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Thanks for sharing your story on RealSelf! I'm sorry your pain got out of control, but it seems as if it was worth it. You look great! Do you have a great bra to recommend to other ladies recovering from a breast lift?

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