Upper and Lower Blefaroplasty W/ Forehead and Cheek Lift

I just had upper and lower eyelid surgery 2 weeks...

I just had upper and lower eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago along with forehead and cheek lift.

I would describe the pain for everything as obnoxiously uncomfortable so far. The bottom eye sutures dissolved, but the top had to be removed 8 days after surgery and there were long sutures that had to be pulled out. Wow, I about went flying out of the chair...ouch. So far they feel super tight and I'm really worried about the scar on one eye which is still red and swollen, but hoping it will fade soon. I couldn't see clearly for the first week because of all the gunk that you have to use around and in your eyes.

This past week has been really tough. Thank goodness I don't have to go back to work next week because I'm definitely not ready. I don't feel ready to wear eye makeup yet because the scars are still so red and new. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just sharing my experience so far.

I visit the doc again next week for more sutures out around my ears...ugh! Now is when I wish time would fly so I can speed up the healing process. I'll give you an update next week.

Week 3 after surgery and my eyes are starting to...

Week 3 after surgery and my eyes are starting to look better.  The Doc told me that I will still have redness around the incisions for another couple of months.  Ugh!  One eye is still very irritated and feels like there is a piece of sand in it. 

If you have this surgery, don't expect to heal fast.  It's definitely a SLOW process.  But, I'm optimistic.

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I had a lower bleph revision with a cheek lift two weeks ago. I had retraction in one eye (right) from the previous lower bleph (my orig bleph was with a general plastic surgeon my revision was with an Oculoplastic surgeon). I didn't have a brow lift. I also had a canthoplasty to fix the retraction. The canthoplasty caused my upper lid (outer corner) to swell a lot. It was so painful. It hurt to look up, look to the side, to touch the area really hurt. I was really worried about it, my mind went wild with things that could be going on with it (like a staph infection from the hospital where the doctor performed the surgery). I also begged for steroids thinking if I took oral steroids it would help make the swelling go down, my doctor wasn't ready to give them to me yet. He saw me twice in the 12 days after the surgery and the day of the 2nd visit it suddenly was a lot better. I was seriously wondering if I had made a huge mistake during the first week even though I could tell I was going to like the new position of the lower lid. I wore makeup for the first time today. I look better with out it for now I decided. :P
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Upper and lower eyelift done 7 weeks ago. Still swelling in lids. Some Ectropion, is slowly going away. Starting to heal, looks like it will take several more months. Anyone else have this problem? Both eyes, are now going to heal, but it is scarey. Don't wear makeup, putting in drops at night.
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Hello can I ask you how long your upper lids were puffy? I had mine 17 days ago and one lid seems to be more puffy then the other towards the outer corner of my eye.
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