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I was blessed with smooth skin, scarcely a...

I was blessed with smooth skin, scarcely a wrinkle, BUT, after menopause, my face dropped. BOOM! I've seen friends with fillers, etc., and they looked like cartoons. I don't want surgery, but I need some refreshing. Three weeks in, and I can already see some tightening and the pooches under the corners of my are lifting. I can also see more definition along the jawline. The procedure is mostly tolerable, with the left side more uncomfortable ( the nurse said this is common) than the right, and the most painful was the "burning" off of fat under the chin. Don't wait until your face is melting down, do this procedure in the initial stages of change. I thought I could wait until 55 or so, but alas, I needed this at almost 53. I only had the lower face done, and I'm still numb under the chin. will do it again when needed....
Sholar Medical Center

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Thank you for sharing your results with the community.  The melting fat comment just gave me a twinge..LOL

Did you need to take anything for pain before the procedure?
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Ibuprofen. I'm pretty tough- the discomfort stops immediately when they stop. The nurse told me to ask for breaks when I needed it. The underside of the chin got really hot- higher energy setting- but it got rid of the fat!
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Ouch!    I would have been horrible trying to sit through this.
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