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I deserve it... working hard in the gym not...

I deserve it... working hard in the gym not reducing the "baby pooch skin". Info here very helpful! Now I think I am going to chicken out! Yikes I honestly dont know If i should go thru with it.

Oh yes you should go through with it:)   You will love the results and are worth it!!   Don't let your nerves get the best of you.  You can do this so keep your chin up and stay with all of us here on RealSelf for support.  

The worst part is the first week and it then gets better.  Focus on the positive and take a deep breath.   Is there something in particular that bothers you the most?  Do share and we will all help you process through it.

You could exercise until you are blue in the face and that skin will not go away.  Just visualize the flat tummy:)



I think the pain and recovery are a bit scary. I had one cesearean section delivery and was up with a newborn every two hours with that recovery...wasnt so bad... 10 years ago. Sounds much more painful and I only plan to take two weeks off of work (I am a RN). I really appreciate this site!!

The pain is temporary but you can do it!  Just stay on top of the pain meds and totally pamper yourself.  

It's different than the c-section but this time you won't have to get up and tend to a baby every two hours.  Much more rest with this one:)   

Is there any way you can take 3 weeks off work?  Especially since you are a nurse.  You nurses work hard and are on your feet all day.   Better to take off longer and know you have the time if needed.  If at two weeks you are feeling ready then you could always go back early.   I know they say 10-14 days and you are back up but that's just not realistic.  


Finally saw the PS yesterday. For what I want, he...

Finally saw the PS yesterday. For what I want, he feels liposuction/c-sect scar revision would work well no tummy tuck. So scheduled for lipo of abd Jan 17th. I am relieved in that I will have an easier recovery hope he's right!
Good luck , fellow Hoosier! Just had mine 9 days ago and doing better each day. I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo. I have taken 3 weeks off, i work in a school cafe and its got alot of lifting. If you have any questions , you are on the right site. These ladies are great, for questions.
T. Jackson

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