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I started Invisalign on 10/17/12. I'm doing the...

I started Invisalign on 10/17/12. I'm doing the express pack, so I only have to do 10 trays (20 weeks of treatment). I have some crowding on the bottom and one of my top front teeth is crooked.

I only had a little bit of discomfort for the first few days. I've been wearing tray 1 for a little over a week now. The only issue I have is that the tray is digging into my gums on one tooth, so it hurts when I brush that tooth. I'm going to ask my dentist to see if she can file it down a little when I go back next week.

I've already felt some changes. When I take the trays out when I eat, I can tell my teeth line up a little differently. I can't see a difference yet.

I keep my trays in for 22 hours/day. Usually I only have them out for around an hour/day. It's more difficult when I'm eating out because I have to either take them out before I order or wait until the food is delivered to my table. I brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash and clean out my trays (with toothpaste and my toothbrush) after every meal. I've cut down on snacking considerably because it's just not worth all the hassle!

I will keep you guys updated and I might post pictures if I can figure out how. :)


It sounds like you are off to a great start, aside from that tray digging into your gums of course. If it is really pinching I would encourage you to call your orthodontist's office (even on a weekend). I'm sure they wouldn't want you being uncomfortable and would be happy to take a look and make a quick adjustment for you.

Here is a link from our Help section that gives directions on how to post pictures - looking forward to seeing them, and really looking forward to seeing new ones as your teeth straighten out!!

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I'm ony rating a 4 because I haven't been all the way through treatment yet! So far, so good.

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