Breast Aug and Mini Tummy Tuck - Indiana

I have had one daughter, (now five) and I have...

I have had one daughter, (now five) and I have been planning to have some form of a tummy tuck for the last four years. I had been scared to actually go through with it up until now. I didnt want to mess up anything further (as odd as that sounds). I have quite a bit of lose skin below my belly button and I lift heavy 5-6 days a week in the gym.

I finally decided on a mini with no muscle repair. Yes, I know most people want the repair and most say the results are better, however, I pride myself on the weight I lost and how I've already shaped my abs. To me that tight completely flat no ab formation is not something I am after.

My scheduled surgery is for this September the 16th where I also chose to have breast aug as well. I am nervous, but excited and finally ready.

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for posting your review.  

Your day is creeping up quickly and you will soon have your new body.  You are absolutely going to love getting rid of the skin.  

I look forward to reading your posts and following your journey.

Thank you! I am very excited... and pretty nervous! I've been looking around the site for a few years,... it is time to do it! :) Thanks for the support!

You bet!


I was starting to get nervous yesterday. Being as...

I was starting to get nervous yesterday. Being as it is only about 2 weeks away, I am sure that is common. I started wondering if I chose the right proceedures and wondered what I would do if I thought I made a mistake. Having my boyfriend with me really makes a difference. He is so calm and very supportive. I see he gets worried, too, but he always reasures me that after we spent 2 years looking and talking, discussing what to do, we made the right choices. I am excited, nervous still, but excited. Only two more weeks.
Thanks, June Bug! I am doing pretty well. Finally walking around, taking regular showers, and not people or med dependent. :) Hope you are doing just as well!
Hope you are doing well, I also had a mini tt and a breast aug. on the 13th of Sept.
Thank you very much Kimmers and Oshini. It is day 3, I am feeling alright. Chest is sore, stomach is still feeling really tight and drains are a pain. I think last night was the worst of it though! I wanted a good nights sleep (no meds) and paid for it with a night bathroom visit! Learned my lesson, but currently sitting in the kitchen enjoying lunch with my man and studying for an exam. :) Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words :D Can't wait to see the results!
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