Had TT 3 Wks Ago and So Far Have No Complaints

I had tt about 20 days ago, and I have no issues...

I had tt about 20 days ago, and I have no issues with revovery so far, everything is been going on smoothly.

i have a question: is it true that we can see the results only after 4 to 6months and will there be a chance to develop fat arround the hip areas just below the flank areas where you get your lipo done to contour your flank areas. I am just suspicious if we will develop fat in future after a few yrs. someone please answer my questions and help.

I have no recovery issues the only painful days were the first 3 dys and i was perfectly normal after i came home, i agree that i do have some soreness in the umblical area as i had the umblical hernia got repaired and that area is also getting healed ok.

Hi its 22nd of july and i passed one month and two...

Hi its 22nd of july and i passed one month and two days of my surgery absolutely no pain and no regrets for doing it, but only thing to worry is swelling i feel bloated all day and I am not hogging on food trying to be in lot of control and like all the other reviews said I am being patient and waiting for atleast 3 months to be over, as of now its only one month so i want to give some time I wish i had done this in US if it was covered by insurance company as i am going thru the Hernia removal also, anyone has any idea reg this, does the insu takes care of the expenses when undergone hernia removal. THis is the only regret i have i would have saved lot of money i will update in another 2 wks

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He is reasonable, and patient enough and has done good job so far I am happy with his work

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You should be able to see differences at this point, but the swelling will hang around for quite a while. Only after a few months will you see the full impact of your tummy tuck. I have heard that where you gain fat on your body can redistribute to other areas (i.e. hips, thighs, etc.) There is also a possibility of dog ears, wherein the tummy tuck scar causes skin to bunch a little at one or both hips. Though I would imagine you'd have noticed that by now.

Make sure you eat right and exercise (once you're able) to prevent fat from returning. (Easier said than done, I know).

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Thanks a lot for your response which certainly helps
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Thanks for your reply I am wondering if the dog ears are possible even if you eat right and exercise on routine basis. BTW you had TT too? If yes what is your experience how you are seeing changes. I am only worried about fat developing arrount the waist please let me know the info u know thanks
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Your story so far is very encouraging! I am going in this Friday and just want to get it done and over with so I can heal and be normal again! I am wondering the same thing. They say the tummy tuck has great long lasting results, but I wonder if anyone has heard of developing lower fat afterwards? Keep on healing and keep us posted on your progress!
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