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Been Thinking About It for a Long Time, Finally Made Up my Mind to Do It for Me. - New Delhi, India

My name is avril a mother of 4 and am from nigeria...

My name is avril a mother of 4 and am from nigeria.Came across this site when I was browsing for a hospital to go for my TT. I have been wanting to do it for a long time but people keep discouraging me telling me that I don't know it but I know I do cus ever since I had my 1st child 17years ago my lower abodomen saged with stretch marks all over. I longed to wear fited cloths without my tummy looking as if am 3months prgenant. I finally met this doctor in india dr rashmi who I feel very comfotable with and has booked for tomorrow 14/11/11. I have been reading every post on pre and post opts on this site and it has really helped me prepare for this TT, I go thru every details in the post i feel that I am really ready for tomorrow. Thank you guys for all your posts will keep you updated after the surgery tommorow.

My sugery today, I went to the daycare by 8am, then to the thearte for my sugery,which took about 3hrs, after the sugery I woke up by 2pm, had sum moderate pains. My sister,daughter and friends were here and they cheered me up, we all chatted, the nurses were good and I've received intensive care, I haven't seen my tommy yet, can't wait 2 see the new look, so far its been good hopefully I will be discharged tommorrow and my sister and daughter would be there to look after me in the apartment we rented, will keep u guys posted. Thank you all for your posts every detail made me get up to this point, I will upload the pictures of my tommy as soon as I can. Thank you.
Hope all is going well!

Good luck with your surgery today!

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