Tip Bit Upward After the First Rhinoplasty

Hi, my name is vikram. i had a crooked nose,...

hi, my name is vikram. i had a crooked nose, droopy tip,flared nostrils and a hump on the tip.. i underwent septo-rhinoplasty... i am 3 weeks post op... the hump was corrected.. also my doctor put an implant on the bridge till the tip so the hump is not visible.. now i have a notched up(retracted) right nostril... also the tip is projected upwards...and the crookedness is no where corrected... is it possible to derotate the tip to bring it to the original position and also get rid of the notched up nostril..

I also have a swelling right above my right...

i also have a swelling right above my right nostril.. which is quite firm(hard).. like a bone.... just wanna know that the swelling is this hard like a bone...

i am sure that the nostril is notched up and it is not because of the swelling.. if it is swelling that i have..???

Hi Vikram -- How is your swelling now? Are you happy with the results?

I had a crooked nose "fix" as well and they are, from what I read, the most difficult to do. I also have somewhat uneven nostrils, a bump that feels like a bone and one side still looks crooked (looks like it's crooked the opposite way now-maybe overcompensation?). When I asked my doctor about the part that feels like a bone, he said he had no idea what it was and wouldn't really for another year, once all the swelling is said to go down. Somewhat luckily for me, the bump is not as visible so much as I can feel it. Everyone seems to heal differently and for sure everyone swells differently. I'm hoping that means the apparently unevenness for both of us is from swelling. I hope you have gotten some better answers from someone and/or improved results by now. Best of luck to you.
nose bump on my left sid is shrinking but this is my second rhioplasty/septorplasty when will the swelling go?
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coz he did ok other than the tip

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