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I understand this is only for the US, but there...

I understand this is only for the US, but there isn't a support group for this sort of thing in India, so I thought I'd give it a shot...also, my clinic isn't actually in the US, but I figured "Indian, AK" would be closest to where I really am :)

I'm a 5'9"-5'10" tall girl in my mid-twenties, and I'm unmarried. A 36G is small for me, and even the international chains here don't carry sizes larger than that, so I'm not entirely sure what my bra size is. I think it's hovering around HH. After a lot of thinking (and a LOT of exercise and dieting, which depressed me even more because I started losing weight EVERYWHERE except my chest), I decided to opt for BR. Surgery is scheduled for next week and I'm trying to avoid watching videos on youtube, because I don't want to freak myself out.

As a result of sudden weight gain, i put on MASSIVE amounts of weight in the chest area, which was downright depressing. Considering that most women here are not very big-chested, this is especially embarrassing for me because I constantly stand out in a crowd, and am almost always hunching and trying to hide. And don't even get me started on my neck and shoulder pain. I have very little confidence even when I wear "nice" clothes, because if it's a top (and it always is), it keeps riding up, and I don't even bother trying on dresses or skirts because it makes my boobs look even larger.

I met a wonderful surgeon, who has addressed a lot of my concerns, but I can't help freaking out about how my boobs are eventually going to look. I've been told that my boobs weigh about 5.5 kilograms (put together) (WTF?!), and I am likely to lose more than 3.5 - 4 kilos off my chest. Since I'm currently heavy, my doc says I can "carry off a 36D", but I'm really not very keen on that. I would LOVE to be a 36C. I also used to be quite athletic, and really want to be able to run without having to worry about running.

Would be incredibly grateful if any of you gals who are similarly built could share your experiences. I'm a bundle of nerves right now. it's 3 AM and I'm too nervous/excited/anxious to sleep!


Suzie I had similar issues like you...I am also a very active person and have always felt held back due to the huge size of my breasts..Feel free to check some photos I have loaded to my story, I hope they will make you feel better. Hoping all the best happens to you from now! Take care
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Suzie, I know just how you feel. Even when others compliment my outfit, I cannot accept that I look good. I have always hidden my chest as much as possible. I don't buy dresses because they just don't fit - the "waistline" is always pulled up higher than it should be or I just look frumpy because the dress is too large everywhere else. I never wear shirts tucked in because almost my entire torso is obscurred by breasts - so that is all anyone can see.

Though I need to lose about 25 pounds, my doc agreed that a C would be right for me. I suggest talking to your doctor again before your surgery, letting him know that you are not comfortable with the D that he is planning. See what he says.

Good luck (if my comment isn't too late!)!!
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Welcome to RealSelf.  First let me say we are extremely happy to have you here in the community.  Does not matter where you live all are welcome her on the site.  We reach far beyond the US.

Take a deep breath and just know you are going to feel so much better once you lighten this load.  It's a totally amazing feeling to not have your breasts enter the room before you do.  

I know all of the ladies on the site will support you and help you through this process.  

I have attached some links for you to look into.  Check these out and I know you will find some great information and connections.

Breast Reduction Q&A

Breast Reduction Forum


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