Blurred Vision & Inflammation Post Wavefront Lasik

I did lasik to get my vision corrected. The...

I did lasik to get my vision corrected. The technology used was wavefront lasik technology. I got the treatment done on 8th January 2010. The treatment was relatively painless.

I had lasik treatment (using wavefront) in both my eyes and its been 10 days. I sometimes get temporary blurred vision just in my right eye especially after I wake up from a couple of hours of sleep. Why would this happen? Also in my post op consultation my doctor said I had inflammation in my right eye and has prescribed eye drops. Is this a cause for concern? Also, I am confused if the blurred vision is because of dry eyes or inflammation? Please help.
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Doctor not open about post lasik side effects.

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Sounds like normal post op course. May be either dry eye issues and/or post op inflammation, which should improve over time. If you are concerned, make sure to discuss it with your surgeon!
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Thanks Dr. Cary for your reply. Any idea what precautions I should take to alleviate the issue? Since yesterday I am also having very minor pain in the right eye - is that because of inflammation? I also work on computers a lot during day time (~ 8 hours) - should I reduce that? What should I do to help reduce dry eyes?
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