Indentation After Liposuction Has Me Concerned

I had liposuction approximately 6 weeks ago. The...

I had liposuction approximately 6 weeks ago. The lipo was on my lower abdomen and my inner thighs. The doctor said he only removed approximately .25 lb from my stomach.

I had asked him to go slightly above or at the belly button. He said he would then just did whatever he wanted during surgery. I now have an indentation on one side of my lower abdomen, where there was initially hardening and now after the softening there is an indentation remaining. What is the likelihood that the indentation is from remaining swelling as opposed to too much fat removal? (In all honesty, it does not seem like there is much swelling left)
Thanks! I spoke to my doctor and he seems to think that there is still swelling above the "indentation" causing it to look like a dent. This may be the case since it is only on one side of my stomach. He said he would see me back in a month to see if it still there. Hopefully it will go away. I am going to stay positive and thanks for the support.
Tanya E, What kind of lipo did you have? Cuz if you had traditional, it's possible that your surgeon did NOT go above the belly button. It sounds like you didn't have a LOT of fat removed, which makes me wonder if your doc may have encountered more fibrous tissue at the belly button level. This is *exactly* what happened with my first lipo procedure. The surgeon simply did not want to risk tissue damage by jamming the cannula into fibrous regions. I was left with a VERY lumpy, garden hose-like ledge that runs across my entire abdomen. That alone has prompted me (after 5 years of waiting, massaging and wasting my time) to get Vaser Hi Def Lipo and see if I can even things out. Good luck on getting your indentation resolved.
I think one of the risks of lipo is just that, an issue with indentations. I know my doc commented many times that he was going to be conservative in certain areas because of just that. Talk with your doc to see if there is anything that can be done to correct the issue. Most likely your doc will tell you to hold out until you are 6 months post-op though to give your body complete time to heal.
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