22 Yrs Old With A 10month Old Baby 5'3 280 In The Process Of Losing Weight - United States

Hello Everyone, I'm In The Process Of Losing...

Hello Everyone,

I'm In The Process Of Losing Weight, As Of Now I Am 280lbs Due To Gaining 60lbs During Pregnancy And This Is The Heaviest That I Have Ever Been. Omgeesh Its So Uncomfortable Being This Heavy And So Short.
Now On To What I'm Here For Ladies Im Looking Into Getting A Brazillian
Butt Litf With Lipo To My Flanks, Stomach And inner Thighs.
i'm Looking For The Best Doctor In That State's That Does Aggressive Lipo. Please Ladies Help Me Find He Right PR.

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None of the docs in the states are taking out more than 4-5liters depending on the state.Your bmi has to be less than 35 some require it to be less than 30 so your looking at needing to get to about 210lbs before surgery good luck I got some pounds to lose too
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Hi there, welcome!

Have you got any doctors in mind that you're looking at? Do you know what city/state you want to start looking in?

You should check out the BBL Guides and BBL Forum, while you're preparing. There's some very useful info in there.

Please do keep us updated with your progress and let us know how you get on!
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