This surgery allowed me to feel "more...

This surgery allowed me to feel "more complete" with myself. The initial results were good, however the Dr. did not seem as thorough as I would have hoped.


let me correct this price. the average price of implants in hawaii is roughly 7000.00 and upwards to 8500 or 9000 for silicone. it is possible to find discounts or specials for as low as 5500 or 6000 (saline) but that is rare. some of the best breast surgeons practice in this state because of the fact that people run around half naked all year long. the price you list here is not an average, its not a low or a high...this price is completely wrong and a wild guess at best. obviously your whole site is fictitious only for the purpose of drawing income from google sponsored ads. ??? why users wouldnt \ cant see this is beyond me. there are so many other real sites out there that offer useful accurate information.
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