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Juvederm Nightmare at Image Medical Spa

I went into a med spa for Botox around my eyes...

I went into a med spa for Botox around my eyes (I'm 29). I somehow got sold on buying two syringes of juvederm ultra plus for my smile lines, lips and cheeks. It was buy one get one. i should've known then that it was too good to be true and to run! Three weeks later I was still swollen so I went back to have some removed. The staff told me I was crazy and that it looked great however I had them inject me with the enzyme to remove it. Of course they charged me for this. Two weeks later I noticed my face had gotten more swollen in odd places around my mouth. Again I went back to have some more removed but it didn't help. Frustrated I went to a new doctor who first noticed my odd jowls and face lines. He again tried the enzyme to remove the "juvederm" however it did not go away. He thinks I was most likely injected with something maybe from china that in fact wasn't juvederm and may be permanent. Of course this terrifies me. Sometimes my jowls and swelling go down if I don't eat or drink which is odd but as soon as I consume food or beverages my face becomes a mess. My new dr suggested sculptra to even things out in the meantime and I hope it works. So far I spent 600 on the Juvederm and about 1400 to remove it

I can feel lumps along my smile lines, however...

I can feel lumps along my smile lines, however under my mouth/chin I can feel particles of some sort of material or I guess it could be an infection. It's also weird how my face

It has now been four months and my face is still...

It has now been four months and my face is still looking deformed. It's so embarrassing! When I chose to go ahead with having this done at that med spa I looked online and read about 20 great reviews. Now I see that all those reviews were flagged as fake and there are negative reviews that keep getting deleted. If this place can lie on yelp and google I certainly don't trust anything they say. Many doctors believe I was injected with counterfeit juvederm, and although it was packaged identically to actual product who knows what was actually inside. I do so much research when I choose a nail salon or eyebrow waxer, yet I let an awful medspa deform my face. I hope people learn from me.

I am now 5 and a half months in and my face is...

I am now 5 and a half months in and my face is looking really deformed. The lips are very uneven and I have lines and lumps throughout my face. I can't look in the mirror or face people anymore. In going to a doctor recommended on this site Monday, and I hope he can fix this or give me some hope no matter what it costs.

I went to a new doctor that was recommended on...

I went to a new doctor that was recommended on real self by other doctors. This doctor deals with a lot of juvederm complications and even writes about them. Although he could not treat me because I am now pregnant, I got a lot of answers and feel hopeful about all of this. He said he has seen cases much worse than mine and is confident it will resolve in five months on its own (assuming I was injected with juvederm). If I weren't pregnant he would have put me on an anthistimine for swelling. He reassured me that I did not have tissue damage or an infection (those were concerns I had). I do have a little bit of the Tyndall effect going on and just way too much filler placed in the wrong areas! I hope this helps anyone else going through this.

It has now been 8 months and I still have the...

It has now been 8 months and I still have the jowls and hard lines on my face. I purchased a dermal roller which I am hoping will help.

Another month and face is still a mess!

Another month has passed and I still have swelling in the areas where the filler was placed. I also have pockets of filler. This has ruined my confidence. The pockets of filler have created deep folds in my skin where there is no filler. My lips are uneven but that I can live with. I also have blue lines throughout my face which may be the tyndall effect or permanent bruises. I'm really starting to worry that I will never get my original face back. All from an impulse day at the med spa.

Updated photos

11 months later

After 11 months most doctors will tell you that any juvederm you have will be gone with no side effects. This has not been the case for me. I still have hard lumps on the side of my mouth which cause the skin on the sides under my lips to sag and look like I have jowls. I also have purple discoloration throughout that is difficult to cover with makeup. My face changes throughout te day from puffy to wrinkly.

Things have only gotten worse

I've had absolutely no improvement. Everytime I think it may be getting better my the areas where filler was placed puffs back up. I look very unnatural -worse than the celebrities on those bad plastic surgery websites. I really hope I wasn't injected with silicone. It came in an unopened juvederm bottle but I now know that doesn't mean a whole lot. I can't look in mirrors anymore without crying and I no longer leave the house. What's crazy is that the area I'm having all these issues in (my mouth) is an area I didnt even want filler. If anyone knows of a dr in fl that will surgically remove this please message me. Drs I've spoken with either try selling me more filler or send me home because they don't want any responsibility for this disfigurement.

Medical records

Today I went to get a copy of my medical records from the med spa. I'm still not sure why they're important. I mean if a business is shady enough to buy counterfeit juvederm or tamper with the syringe then I'm sure they would have no problem falsifying medical records. While there I was told I'd have to come back Monday for my records. They asked me to take a photo holding up a paper. When i told them I was uncomfortable with this the woman grabbed the paper from me so I couldn't see what was on there. I'm almost positive they were trying to take that photo to use as my before and the paper prob had the date I first had these injections written on it. I am so disgusted by all of this.

Medical records

I finally received my medical records. Here is my clinical before.


Swelling is bad again. Here is a current photo. This is not normal weight gain or a positive change like the medspa insisted

This stuff just won't go away

Here are some more recent photos.

19 months

Not only do I look terrible, but I'm also in a ton of pain.
Zhanna Zitsbank (PA)

Big mistake! My face is now destroyed!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Sorry about your experience :( hugs
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so long as the doctor adhered to general standards of care-they cleaned the injection sites with alcohol and used product from the manufacturer (all syringes have a serial number that the doctor records before treatment), there's really no basis for a law suit. an infection from bio film contamination is part of the risk of the procedure. and unfortunately, not every bad medical outcome has a legal remedy. the doctor only has to show they acted within established guidlines of medical practice per the community and product application as approved by the manufacturer and the fda. a lot of doctors are very reluctant to accept these patients for treatment because they know the patient may not be happy even with the best possible outcome. if you tell a dotor you're sueing the prior doctor who treated you for the condition, they probably will refuse to treat you.
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I see. I did not know this :(. Thanks for all the great information ! You really know your stuff. I do myself get juvederm injections and never knew about bio films just until recent.
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Cleaning the injection site with an alcohol swab is not adequate to prevent bacteria from being introduced at the injection site and to prevent a biofilm infection. It is now recommended that the area be swabbed with Betadine and that the skin be as clean and sterilized as it would be prior to surgery.
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Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Did you for sure rule out 100% that it is indeed not a bio film infection ? I know this is happening to more women these days. If you were injected with a foreign substance I am darn sure you have a law suit you can file!!!!! This is something that was not your fault !!! Get to the botom of this. I know its stressful but this Dr. or whatever they are needs to be stopped.
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the juvaderm should eventually will away. in about a year it's all gone. however, the skin does make new collagen in response to the stretching of the dermis. as for bio film, best practicse is not to inject through acne or skin infections. one medical paper from sweden suggests patients take 2 different broad-spectrum antibiotics 5 hours before the scheduled injection time. i can't tell if that was an allergic reaction or what. but juvaderm shouldn't have caused problems like that unless is wasn't injected right. if you review the publications you find that most bad results from dermal fillers come from poor injection technique.
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juvaderm is considered safe to use anywhere, even between and under the eyes. frankly i suspect a lot of docs have jumped on this because it can generate a load of money for the practice. a licensed plastic surgeon can make a lot more money doing injectibles full time than they can doing complex, risky and time-consuming operations like breast reconstructions and scar revisions. i suspect a lot of doctors doing injections aren't well trained, and bad patient results are, sadly, part of their 'learning curve.'
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such is life, sometimes, messing with your face, trying to make it look better, can backfire on you, is just luck, you didn't do enough research, this is why cheapening out on plastic surgery is not good
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I didn't consider injectables plastic surgery at the time. The place I went to had incredible online reviews when I went which turned out to be fake. I am sharing my story so it doesn't happen to someone else. I don't think anyone deserves to be injected with an illegal substance no matter how insecure they are.
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To respond to Kane, I agree with depressed girl. Injectibles are not plastic surgery. Anyone can end up with a biofilm infection. I was injected by a highly regarded, excellent plastic surgeon with impeccable credentials and great reviews, and still developed a biofilm infection from the filler, a risk that most plastic surgeons and dermatologists are still unaware of and are not informed how to treat. Yes, all cosmetic procedures have risks, but when someone experiences a rare complication and is suffering the consequences, implying that it is their fault is unkind, untruthful, and doesn't help.
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Cjaros, why be so mean? My guess is you have never experienced an unfortunate situation like so many who come to this site for reassurance. I know what this girl is going through, but not to this extent. Shut up and go troll somewhere else!
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Thank you
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Youth is beauty, guess you learned hard way!!
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Nothing is perfect, but if I had your screwed up lips I would be happy!! 49 and happy to be alive everyday!
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Been thinking about you all these months, wondering how you are doing. Is anyone treating you for a biofilm infection?
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Dr wants to see my swelling first hand before putting me on those strong meds. Unfortunately whenever I make these appointments I'm not super swollen. Next time I'm swollen I'm just going to show up. I'm really scared because my medical records were completely fake so I don't know what I'm having a biofilm infection with. Low grade silicone or something from an auto shop. Sadiebee, were you in pain when your face was swollen? My pain seems to be getting worse.
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When I was swollen, the areas were tender. No doubt your pain is getting worse if you have had an untreated infection for more than a year. You need to consult with another doctor if your doctor wants to wait and see you when your swollen. Your symptoms warrant immediate treatment with antibiotics. When Dr. Yang first diagnosed my biofilm infection, without seeing me (he is out of state) he prescribed the antibiotic and told me to take them for three days. He said if there was improvement after three days (and there was!) that we could assume the cause of my swelling was an infection and that I should continue the meds. If there was no improvement after three days, he would have had me stop the meds. Dr George Yang and Dr. Rhoda Narins in New York are familiar with biofilm infections. Dr. Kami Parsa in Beverly Hills (who surgically removed the last of my Restylane) is also an expert. If I were you, I would consult a doctor familiar with treatment of biofilm, since the vast majority of plastic surgeons and dermatologists are as yet unaware of this risk from fillers and unfamiliar with how to treat it. The longer you wait, the more the colonies of bacteria will grow and the harder it will be to get rid of it. It doesn't matter which filler caused the infection. Biofilms can form when any foreign substance is introduced in the body. If you already had a biofilm infection, and had more filler (Sculptra) injection, the additional filler just gave those biofilm colonies more places to hide out. It can happen with any filler, other than injection of one's own fat. You need treatment now.
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I too went there a few months ago. That were running a special on botox. One of those groupons that I purchased. I went in there and get a hard sell telling me I had bad wrinkles along my smile lines and that I should do the other groupon that they are offering. They promised to give me an area of botox for free if I purchased one area of Juvederm, plus the one area of Botox that I purchased from the groupon. They tried to hard sell me on 2 areas of Juvederm, but I just couldn't afford it. So, what they did was use up as much Juvederm one one side of my mouth and then whatever was left on the other side. The results are suppose to be pretty much instant. So what happened is that one one side of my mouth, it puffed out and smoothed out all the wrinkles and the other side looked barely touched. I complained and had to make them smooth some of the other side around trying to not make it puff out so much so it didn't look so uneven. They said, just go home, see if you like it and if you feel you need more, come back and buy another injection (which is $600) Also, on the botox...I have never had such poor results with that either, I had it done on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. The eyebrows didn't take at all and the forehead still had some wrinkles. I don't have many wrinkles, so I always have really good results with botox. I always get just those 2 areas done and the wrinkles are done and those areas don't move for almost 4 months. I tried this place out to save a little money because they had a Groupon. I'll still to Forever Young Medspa where I've been going for the last 5 years. I've always had good results and have never had to go back for a touch up. The main lady that takes you in the room and does the consult with you had a terrible bedside manner. She had long dark hair and told me her last name was Greek. I look really good for 45 with few wrinkles. I get botox to avoid wrinkles in the future. She tried to make me sound like I looked old and needed all this stuff just to make a buck. Then when I was there and wasn't happy with the result, they were rude and tried to hurry me out of there. I never called and complained because I never wanted to deal with them again. This place feeds on people, making them feel insecure and bad about themselves and tries to make money saying that they can cure you. Yes, I do have a few smile lines which she recommended I fill in, but she over exaggerated it. I did not need 2 fillers. I could have gotten by with just one had they been administered properly, they just wanted to do a 1/2 ass job so I would have to pay and have to come back and do the other side. TERRIBLE....TERRIBLE...place!
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This is Ft. Lauderdale Medical Spa I am referring to off of 17th St. Causeway. They also tried to sell me on a bunch of other stuff, filler on my lips...my lips look fine. Again, just trying to cheat you out of a bunch of money for things you don't need and make you think you do.
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juvederm should be illegal and outlawed for under the eyes, in the tear trough areas. It was not made for that area, only for the lines from side nose to mouth, and lips. I and many others suffered physical and emotional trauma from what injections of this in the wrong place - underneath the eyes. It's a big money maker that is why they still get away with it. Should be a class-action lawsuit. I sued my plastic surgeon.
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Snowmelts, I, too, have thought that there ought to be a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all those of us who have suffered from a biofilm infection from fillers without being informed of that risk.
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I'm going to see another doctor Saturday and hopefully get treatment. I actually called allergan this morning, and I could not believe how cold they were to me. They wouldn't tell me whether or not my juvederm was purchased through them. They also said that since I had hyaluronidase, my problems must be from that.
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I hope everyone here realizes that these dermal fillers (Juvederm, etc.,) are NOT FDA approved to be used on the face, but since it is not illegal for them to do it, they get away with it as it is a huge money maker for them. Very risky with uncertain results.
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I am so sorry to hear that you got that kind of response from Allergan. Horrible! Have you been taking antibiotics?
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No, be happy and Juvederm won't be an issue. Life is too short.....wake up quickly..time is ticking. You are letting this control your happiness for almost 2 yrs.....forget about it. Get a tan or God, both work great!
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