I'm Not Sure

I'm not sure yet as its only been 6 months. I have...

I'm not sure yet as its only been 6 months. I have a high tolerance to pain, so I can say the surgery wasn't so bad, but the results weren't really what I expected, although I would do it again. I think the worst part wrere the drains. I was only out of work for 7 days, although I do have a desk job, so I didn't have to do anything strenuous.
If you ever decide on another surgery Dr. Ramin Behmand did my and he DOES NOT USE DRAINS!! That is huge because drains can cause infections and extra scars. I had tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction/lift/implants and my nose. No drains no real issues and 6 months out I am wearing size 6 jeans instead of my 14 like before. I am 100% happy with him and his work. He the only doctor that I know of in the area that takes the extra tme and care required to allow the patient to heal without drains. I cannot even imagine all my surgies(done at once) and having to deal with drains. Would have been hell!
What did you not like about your results? What were you expecting compared to what your finished result was? I am terrified that my expectations are too high and that I will not be happy with my results. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck in two and a half weeks. What did you have before? I have a diastasis and quite a bit of sagging skin due to having four babies. Thank you for any insight.
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