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I'm Getting Married in 2.5 Months and Radiesse Absolutely Ruined my Nose!

I actually went into the skin rejuvination clinc...

I actually went into the skin rejuvination clinc to pickup a product and we somehow get talking about the teny tiny bump that I didn't like on the bridge of my nose. The doctor told me he could 'fix it right now'. I was very hesitant but felt pressured so I went ahead with the procedure, thinking how perfect I could look in my wedding pictures (I'm 25 and getting married in 2.5 months).

Afterwards the area between my eyebrows looked to be extremely swollen and the doctor told me that is normal and that it should go away within a few days. It has been over two weeks and the area looks just as bad as when I left the office the first time. They have tried something called 'skin tight' to warm the area and try to massage some of the gel carrier away, but it has done little if nothing.

I have an appointment with a very respected plastic surgeon but its a week away and I am so anxious about this because of the wedding. I will try ANYTHING just to have my face back to the way it was, bump and all.

My research has showed surgery as the only option. I'm wondering if the doctor did a small incision, right by my eyebrow, could he pull the bulk of the product out? I know there will be swelling but I can't imagine the area looking any worse than it does now. They are willing to pay for my visit to the plastic surgeon, although I'm not sure if they would pay for surgery.


You are not alone my dear . If no pain u can fix your nose by very excellent surgeon but do your home work first . I can see since 2009 and I only 5 months . In pain suffering and something inside of me is pushing me to fight back until I make it public . Hate hate hate how one product shuts down life and the doctors that use it and they don't do more work but just whatever the rep tells them to .
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Hi Sosad, I'm very sorry you had a bad experience but thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. I know you have submitted a question of your own, but have you seen these responses on a similar question?: Can I get Radiesse removed? Good luck with whatever procedure you do and congrats on your wedding, --Sharon
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