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In Some Pain Now, but Overall Great Experience - Illinois

I decided to go for the zoom treatment AFTER I had...

I decided to go for the zoom treatment AFTER I had read all of these reviews because instead of believing everything I read, I asked my hygenist. She informed me that she does about two zoom whitenings a week which means over 200 in two years. She then told me only one person in two years has not been able to finish the procedure due to pain. That's 0.5%. Then it occurred to me that most people who have either a good or an average experience with anything are less likely to rate that experience than someone who has had a poor experience. It's human nature---we love to complain. That being said, I want to put in a good review for this procedure.

It started out two weeks ago when my dentist made molds of my teeth so they could make trays to be used with the touch-up take home kit I would be given at my actual zoom appt. They also gave me a floride toothpaste to brush with twice a day for two weeks (they also told me to NOT rinse after brushing. I had to spit and then leave the remnants in my mouth without eating, drinking, or smoking for 30 mins). I followed all of their instructions and went in and had the zoom done this morning. I had absolutely no pain or zingers during the procedure. And I have some wearing on my teeth due to chewing my fingernails when I was little.

The actual procedure went by without incident. The only pain I had was in my neck from sitting still for so long. :) My teeth ended up four shades whiter which ended up being the whitest shade possible. :) I was ecstatic. There is some blotching but my hygenist assured me it would fade. I had a couple zingers within a half hour of finishing the treatment but that was it. As I'm typing this I have quite a bit of sensitivity. Eating or drinking doesn't make it worse, it's just there. The relief gel that comes in the take home kit really didn't do much of anything for it. Tylenol barely touched it. However, I am completely fine with going through some pain to achieve the results I got today. The before and after is unbelievable. The best $300 I've ever spent.

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Hi Medicgrl0180,
Would you mind telling me where you had your zoom treatment done? Both of my teenage sons would like to have their teeth whitened and I'd prefer to go where I know someone had a good experience. We are also in Illinois (Bolingbrook) so I'm hoping it's somewhere close.
Thank you!
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I went to grove dental on boughton. Awesome office. I highly recommend.
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Thank you so much!! I can't believe it's so close!
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Thank you so much for making a point of coming back and sharing your about your positive experience. I'm so glad to hear it went well overall and how pleased you are with the outcome! :)

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Hi! Today I had zoom teeth whitening in Budapest, Hungary. The results are amazing despite being in a bit of pain now. I've come to Hungary to have a lot of dental work done, had a root canal on Monday and some fillings. Therefore my gums were a little inflamed when I had the whitening this morning. I was so worried after reading many negative comments online but I can assure you all that the pain is minimal so go for it!

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