Vaser Lipo That Didn't Work on Breasts and Stomach

Ok, so i had the Vaser surgery in march of this...

Ok, so i had the Vaser surgery in march of this past year on my breast's and my stomach. problem was that it didn't work. I saw the fat come out of my body but when i went in there was no change. Months went by and there was no change. I Followed all the rules and wore the garment for almost 2 months. I became depressed from it.

My doctor offered to do it again for free, so about 5 days ago I had it done again, but this time just on my stomach. When i look at it in the mirror it just looks lumpy and almost bigger then before. When i feel it you can feel the water move around.

i have No pros. My cons are; depression, trauma from the awake procedure.

I was uncomfortable with my body. I Wanted to make my chest size smaller and my stomach smaller too.

I am very scared that it yet again didn't work. and also scared that the fluid in my stomach won't leave. any advice or answers?


I'm really sorry to hear that. Its been almost a year now has it improved at all? I'm considering to do the procedure myself. Who was the doctor? When he did the vaser wasn't it suppose to tighten the skin at the same time?
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I had vaser lipo done on 6/25/10, it is now 9/16/10. I haven't seen any difference other than I have two very hard extended lumps I didn't have before. One is just above the belly button and the other just below. Its very upsetting given I had a facelift at the same time. The facelift recover was a piece of cake compared to the lipo recover. I wore the garment as tight as I could for 6 weeks, as instructed. I've just recently had to buy pants a larger size to accommodate the extended lumps. Facelift results AMAZING, Lipo results SUCK!
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had vaser on stomach 5 days ago took about 2 ltrs of fat. am still very sore, have about 5 cuts from the probes which i still have steri strips on. didnt leak much and am wondering is this normal. so far i cant really see much difference but then again it is only 5 days am still a bit sore but nothing too bad. wearing the compression garment night and day and so far havent had to tighten it. is this normal. when should i see some results. am really worried that it hasnt worked
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