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Hi, I got smart Lipo for the first time two days...

Hi, I got smart Lipo for the first time two days ago. I gotta say I'm very satisfied with everything so far.

My surgery started about 2 PM on Wednesday and it finished by 3 PM. My doctor gave me Valium to make me relax which was good because even after surgery I was feeling good. By the time I got home (6 PM because of rush hour on Thanksgiving weekend) I was a little dizzy but after a nap I was good.

The pain was mild, I only take Tylenol for the pain. At the clinic everybody treated me very good. The doctor asked me to walk one hour twice a day for 3 days starting the day after surgery and that helped a lot with the pain.

I didn't have much fat but I'm happy to see my flat stomach and the flanks are gone. I totally recommend this to anyone.

Tonight is Friday and almost no pain and feel great.

Please share info on the doctor who performed your surgery. I am considering Smart Lipo in the Chicago area.

Hi bairesfaraway! Thanks for sharing your experience so far. How are you doing now?

Chicago Dermatologist

Yes, he explained everything to me with details and treated me nicely.

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