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Welll... I Did It! - Illinois

I just got home from my rhinoplasty and I feel...

I just got home from my rhinoplasty and I feel really good actually. I had my very wide nose narrowed, my tip shorten (it hung a lot at the tip) and it was raised.

I arrived at 7:30 the nurse took my vitals and started an I.V. Then I met with the anesthesiologist to talk about the sedation I was to receive and gave me a medication to dry up secretions and I told him that I would prefer to be very mildly sedated so I was able to know what was going on. Then finally my surgeon met with me to see if I had any last minute questions, which I did not. Then I was taken in the OR where I was given versed, zofran,a medication for pain, and propofol. Then I drifted off to sleep, during the procedure I slept on and off. While my PS was suturing my nose I was very conscious, but did not feel any pain and was able to follow his commands. After I was taken into recovery where the nurse gave me ice pack for my very swollen eyes and continued to monitor my vitals ( my pulse ox dropped to the high 80s, but other than that mild ting,I was stable. After about 2o minutes I was able to go home.

I feel really good, got home about 20 minutes ago, I am kind of nervous about this and hope I feel okay during the rest of my recovery period. My face is very swollen, but I think my nose looks a bit shorten (maybe this is wishful thinking). I get my splint off on Wed, I am very nervous about the results. I put undecided since I am not sure yet, but praying for an amazing result. Overall, my experience was good, the staff was great!


I'm glad things went well for you in the OR. Your nose probably does look shorter because it is! It's so excited/scary on that day when the splint comes off. Please let us know how you feel when you see it! Also, if you'd post the name of your surgeon it'd be really helpful for other folks looking to find doctors.

Thanks for posting your story here to RealSelf!

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I got my splint off and my nose looks amazing!!...

I got my splint off and my nose looks amazing!! Its a little swollen on one side but other than that I couldn't be happier. E-mail me and I'll be happy to give you the name of my doctor and ill post pics once I get them up.


Can you please share who your surgeon was?
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Hi, glad your surgery went great! I'm having an upcoming surgery in IL..would you mind sharing your surgeon's name?
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Looking forward to the pics! Thanks for the detailed review. I'm going to ask you what I've been asking everyone.. haha :).. Are you able to breathe better than before, the same, or worse?
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