Fantastic Results on Sun Damage and Age Spots - Love It

I had my Pearl done 4 weeks ago and I have to say...

I had my Pearl done 4 weeks ago and I have to say I look ten years younger! I told nobody about my treatment and today I ran into a friend who asked me if I changed my makeup because my skin looked great.

It was a long 4 weeks living with the dryness, breakouts and sunburned look but now after the redness has gone, I'm thrilled! I would do this again in a heart beat! Prior to my Pearl I had a lot of sun damage and age spots that made me want to cry every time I looked in the mirror. They are either gone completely or faded significantly.

I returned to work in about 5 days.

Interested in getting this. I too live in the suburbs of Chicago. Where did you have the procedure done?

Awesome that you had such great results :) Did you get the traditional Pearl or fractional Pearl treatment? Most recently (about 1 wk ago) I had the combo---full face traditional Pearl with fractional Pearl on forehead, around mouth and eyes. The fractional treated areas have shown pretty impressive results so far, the areas treated only with traditional Pearl---not as dramatic of a change though for me (on me, the traditional Pearl was good for minor pigmentation issues and some fine lines).
Hi Shana, I only had the traditional Pearl because I had real bad brown pigmentation caused by years in the sun. I was offered the Fractional for around my eyes but told that wrinkles were not the problem (yet) it was the brown pigmentation that was aging me. I also could not manage more than five days off of work(Fractional has more down time). I'm now on the Obagi system which is fantastic for fine lines and keeping the pigment from coming back. I was upset after about two weeks because it looked as though my redness and blotchy dry patches were never going to go away. The good news is that I can now see the final results after about a month. So hang in there! It's a new lease on your skin. You will see!!!
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