Mesotherapy for Double Chin Caused Loose Skin Instead

I did mesotherapy for a double chin. I now have...

I did mesotherapy for a double chin. I now have loose skin instead. I think it can be worth it but beware that it will take many treatments, you will have swelling and brusing for about a week, you may need laser treatments to tighten the skin afterwards.

I have loose skin from mesotherapy, what is the best laser treatment for under the chin and jawline area?
Your practitioner should have warned you that skin slackening is likely to take place after reduction of 'double chin' with mesotherapy method. Usually 'double chin' becomes a 'turkey chin' unless 'skin slackening cocktail' is used after initial treatment. It is logical to expect skin loosening as the initial treatment aims to reduce fat deposits in the area (imagine balloon filled with air and how it looks after it's been deflated).
OMG...I'm so freaked out by this!!!!! I had just a little fat under my chin, but it really bothered me., My practitioner said it would also TIGHTEN the loose skin!!! I've already decided not to go back for second treatment even though today is day 2. It's ugly looking at the injection site...swollen...and feels like there is something in there! EW! And worst of throat hurts!!

Hi Kkerr,

Because you sound so worried and seem to be experiencing some side effects here is some information on that from our doctor Q&A. Hope that helps. Please keep me updated.


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