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I was scared to death after watching the videos of...

I was scared to death after watching the videos of the proceedure on utube. I prepared myself with lanacain all over face for half hour before treatment and 2 xanax that I usually take before a flight. My Dr. explained with my skin tone ect... she would go light to moderate depending on the skin damage.

Proceedure lasted about a half hr. I was totally relaxed and felt little pain towards the end when Laser was turned up and hitting the sides of my face. I went home, put cold washclothes (with a little viniger) on my burned skin and slept for 4 hrs(thanks to xanax) and woke up feeling "this is the worst of it?" Slept fine that night with Aquafore on face and cold washclothes and a fan. I was prepared with tylenol for pain and never used it. AND I HATE PAIN! Would totally do it agsin and recomend it. Im swollen today and scabbing over. the usual.

Hi hairstylist, 

Thanks for the review. Your two day after picture you don't look that swollen, which is great for you. Did your doctor mention how long until you are fully healed? Please keep us updated as the healing goes and a final picture would be awesome. Welcome to the community.




Actually, If I had the proceedure done on Monday...

Actually, If I had the proceedure done on Monday afternoon-TODAY Thursday is my 3rd day following the co2 laser treatment on my face. I feel great- minimal itching, alot of flaking skin, and feels like sandpaper. My Dr. did minimal laser on my forehead and moderate on rest of face to fade age spots, wrinkles around my lips and orangepeel skin on my chin and nose. I tried to look presentable today with minimal eye and lip makeup and aquafore on face, for I have to run errands and work today. tiny bit of swelling under the eyes. I slept great with a clean towel under my chin and on my pillow-not to get aquafore all over- and head elevated and soaked my face last night with cold water and viniger mix for a half hr to help with itching and getting rid of dead skin.

I am thinking of a facial resurfacing procedure and would also like to know the name of your doctor.
I live in Chicago, who was your doctor?
Hi Tamasita,

My goal was to get rid of some age spots and smooth out my overall complection. My Dr. did not do a extreem level on me because of the color of my skin. I think the lighter the skin the harsher you can go with the lazer with better results. It did help but I still have age spots. Hard to stay out of the sun completly tis summer. That is a lot of money. My Dr. is a friend of mine so...??Good luck!It does get better every day!
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