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I am 50 years old; dark/olive skin. I had moderate...

I am 50 years old; dark/olive skin. I had moderate acne scars, some pits, discoloration, huge pores on nose and cheeks, milia, blackheads that could not be removed; rough looking skin. I used retin-a, accutane, antibiotics; pretty much everything. Thought I would try fraxel repair. The procedure took 20 minutes and I had a local with a lot of drugs a couple hours before. It took one week to feel better and I had to stay inside. I should have planned on two weeks of vacation, but went back to work a week later. It took about three weeks for extreme swelling and redness to subside. I looked strange for about six weeks (redness/broze color). It took two months for severe itching to subside; itching was pretty bad at night. I took benadryl (it was the only thing that worked)and often felt I needed it during the day, but I work as a trial prosecutor and it made me quite drowsy. The procedure took 20 minutes, and the pain was unbearable around the mouth/chin area (five minutes of the procedure). If I did it again, I would have general anesthesia and it would have been nice to know before the procedure that I needed to eat as much benadryl as possible during the first two months. I still have some dark areas but it is fading with help from obagi clear and retin-a. There are still some faint dark marks from the laser on my forehead, but they are fading. I have a few pitted acne scars left, have some large pores on my nose and milia near the eye area. I look ten years younger now, but didn't care about that so much as the damage from acne/oily skin. Overall, My skin looks great and it was worth the pain, itching and cost. I would say there was a 75 percent improvement.

Based on your review it sounds like Fraxel Repair vs. Restore. Restore should not have you down for a week.

Hi Chenn,

Thanks so much for the review. I'm so glad everything has worked out so well, even if it was painful. Would you do the procedure again? Please keep us updated and we would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing,



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