BA 3 Days Post-op Swelling More on One Side

I would have to say if I had to do it over I would...

I would have to say if I had to do it over I would. I am only 3 days out but the pain has been minimal and I am loving the fact that I now have breast!

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I have more swelling and bruising on the left side...

I have more swelling and bruising on the left side. My left breast is also harder and higher than the right. I also have a large pocket of air or fluid on my left side of my abs. Do I need to call my PS now or wait till Thursday for my 1st post op? Thanks!


First, call your surgeon's office and inform them of your situation and explain your concerns. Don't hold back or soft-pedal the details. Just calmly explain the situation. You might want to gingerly palpate the breasts to check for undue tenderness, and when you do take note of excess warmth. That said, it's still very very early post-op, so things are still settling. Aim for at least 3 weeks post-op to review where you're at, and again at 6 weeks post-op, to get a good idea of how things are going (and at 6 weeks post they should be doing pretty nicely). That noise you're hearing is likely sterile fluids which the surgeon may have used at some point during the procedure, and should be resorbed by the body before long.
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I recommend you call your SURGEON ASAP to discuss the left sided swelling. If I was the surgeon I would have you seen NOW. Regards and good luck Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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Thank you so much! I actually called last night and he wanted to see me today. It was his day off and his nurses day out of the office and they BOTH came in when I could be there. He ended up doing a hematoma removal. I guess it was pretty big. 6 oz of it. I was awake for it all and he took my implant all the way out. It was really pretty cool. I watched most of it in his glasses. He got all the stuff out and put the implant back in stitched me back up and left in a "ruber band" to help drain the extra fluid. Thank you for your answer! I hope that this helps someone that is having the same problem! Best wishes!

Hello. I had my breast augmentation on the 4th of...

Hello. I had my breast augmentation on the 4th of Dec. I am just 3 days post-op. I have a little more swelling and bruising on the left side than the left. I had 371 cc's over's silicone. My left breast was a little smaller to begin with. Is this normal? Also I have a LARGE pocket of fluid or air on my abdoman. Is that normal and if so when will it go away?


Wow, that's good info to know, thanks!
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I agree with Dr Shureih, but I felt I should not mention the word "HEMATOMA", because that can frighten you. Now that the word is out of the bag so to speak. In my opinion you have a moderate hematoma which needs drainage ASAP. The amount would be 100 to 300 cc's of old blood. Best of Luck Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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You seem tom have a mederate HEMATOMA on the left. CALL YOUR PLASTIC SURGEON. I tend to evacuate these hematomas even if they are moderate soon, because they cause CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE
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He called me the night after the surgery and will call again tomorrow. Answered all my questions! Was great!

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