Having WaterLipo in 2 Weeks - Schaumburg, IL

I'm 25 and had a baby last August. I also have...

I'm 25 and had a baby last August. I also have postpartum depression so am on on antidepressants - I'm not sure if it's the meds, or just adjusting to the new lifestyle, but I am having the hardest time losing weight. My inner/outer thighs bug me the most (and always have, even at my fittest) so my husband and I decided it's time to take the plunge.

My surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. I'm super excited, more excited than nervous, though I think that will change as it gets closer. I've been reading a lot from this website, just trying to gather as much info as I can and psych myself up for the big day. I've noticed that a lot of people used some kind of lotion that helps with bruising..? Any recommendations for what kind? And anything else I should be doing beforehand, or do afterwards? Thanks for any tips. :) Still super excited!!


It has been so useful and encouraging to read the posts on here. I am lying here day 2 post surgery. I had body jet on my abdomen, hips and a little. From my inner thighs. I had general anesthetic and stayed in overnight. It was scary to get up and go home. As i was sore . I have a regimen of antibiotics and swelling relief medications to take and of course the lovely corset contraption. I am black and blue and swollen, but already today I feel much less tender than yesterday and I ve found moving around seems to help more than laying still. I'm seeing the dr again in the morning , so hopefully he can let me know what happens next with regards to swelling etc. I'm concerned about the bruising but really looking forward to watching how my body changes over the next few weeks, I can already see my stomach will be flat. I'll let you know how things go :)
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Hello how did your surgery go? I have a consult Monday? I'm in Illinois what doctor did you go to? Do you have any before and after pictures?
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M in Midwest I am wanting to get more information on this procedure and would really like to speak to someone that has actually had this done. Please let me know if I can contact you directly? I had two kids and would really like to get rid of the extra belly fat and thought that this may be a great idea. I hope that your procedure went good and that you reached the desired results that you really needed for yourself.
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