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I had 2 syringes of artefill in my lips 3 weeks...

I had 2 syringes of artefill in my lips 3 weeks ago. I was looking to get bigger lips as i have done all the injectables and wanted something permanent. Once the swelling went down so did my lips. Have been told to give it time but at the moment not pleased that my lips didn't stay big,,, not pleased

definately not recommending them for lips as i have them and now have bumps in my lips,, wont use artefill again,,,,, :((
Hmm, did you know that the Artefill website says it is not to be used in the lips?
Yes very well aware of that was willing to take the risk for something permanent,, have spent thousands of dollars with lip injectibles that disappeared,, got tired of wasting my money wanted permanent,,,,
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get botox from this doctor already

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