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It works wraps scam - Illinois, IL

I had no results what so ever from this product...

I had no results what so ever from this product after 4 tries of wraps in the same area with the cream, and when I tried to return the product they said it would cost $50 to return my unopened product. Such a scam of a company! I am having problems stopping the auto draft and the customer service says there is nothing he can do about it! SO ANGRY! HORRIBLE COMPANY!
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what company did use
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I agree they dont work...and the famous first line from every rep is did you drink all the water, and do you eat healthy. It doesnt matter for some ppl it just doesnt work! I got told that over the phone....they will admit it when you get mad and yell at someone over the phone, but i've never met a rep that will actually come out and tell you that...cause all they want is your money!
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