If You Can Only Afford 2 Treatments.....

Fraxel stands for Fractional Treatment which means...

Fraxel stands for Fractional Treatment which means 2 treatments won't do much if anything because you have only treated 20-30% of the total area of your skin. You have to do the 5 treatments a month apart! PLUS it's important to grasp the idea that the improvement is exponential, that is, with 4th and 5th treatments you will really see the difference and it keeps on improving for several months after that. Why? Because it takes that long for your body to make the new collagen stimulated by Fraxel and with each subsequent treatment you are not only improving the quality of your existing collagen, but you keep on making new collagen which every treatment you make over the new collagen it grows and grows. It will be a full year before you will know how much improvement has occurred.

I have had Fraxel personally and seen very pleasing results. At 58 I was really getting baggy around the eyes and that has almost gone now. I have also treated over 2000 patients with Fraxel and have no unhappy patients that have completed their course of 5 treatments.

Your experience is dreadful. The debate about 'is it the device or the doctor' is the same for cars. Drive one like an idiot and someone gets hurt. Have you consulted your Attorney?
I just want to state emphatically that I believe that ANY DOCTOR who tells us that bad results from fraxel are rare and easily treatable is looking to make a buck. Period. Disgusts me.
You are right. Iam now 12months post fraxel repair and still no improvement with my PIH. Every doctors response is that it is temporary and reversible. What does that mean I have been told by a dermatologist with over 20 years experience that in his experience PIh due to laser is a mixture of dermal and epidermal and is very difficult to get rid treat let alone get rid off and he told me that on average if it is going to resolve it takes 18months and if it hasnt resolved by then , then it is permanant and that I should prepare my self for this ie psychologically
Dr Michael Molton (self)

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